The print friendly alternative to

We love our physical scratch map card and is the perfect digital companion. The makers of the site have made a great site by which you can track all the countries that you’ve visited. They even show how much percent of the world you have explored!

What makes us different: World Map vs Travel Map is a great online tool to keep track of the locations that you’ve visited, but we’re doing things a bit different at My Holiday Map:

  • The maximum resolution for exporting is 2050 by 2050 pixels, which is not enough to print the map on paper.
  • The tool is great to create a world map, but you can’t create a map of a specific trip through different locations.
  • You can only export your map in landscape mode, portrait mode is not supported.
  • There is no way to add trip details (e.g. date, with whom you’ve travelled) to your map.
  • Only a single style, we offer 9 styles (got an idea for a new style, send us a message)!

We will keep using to keep track of all countries that we’re visiting, but if you want to create a map of your actual travels, you might be better off with us (at least, we think so πŸ™ˆ).

p.s. we recently launched a few new styles, check out our new style, called Dark blue!