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Import your travel route (.gpx) automatically

Starting today, you can automatically import your travel routes by importing a .gpx file. In this little post, we’ll explain how all of this works. Don’t have a .gpx file or not sure how to get one? You can then just manually add your locations like you’re used to. .GPX, what is that? .gpx is […]

Metador Network Compared to

Last week we stumbled upon Metador Network a website with similar functionalities as another tool, that we’ve described in this post. Metador Network let’s you create an overview of all the places that 1) you want to visit, your bucklist, and 2) the places that you’ve visited Great for tracking countries, not for visualising trips […]

The aesthetic alternative to

The aesthetic alternative to Some of our friends have used to document their backpacking trips through Asia and Europe. It’s a great way to show other people where you currently are, what experiences you’ve encountered and to share some pictures along the go. What makes us different: Documenting vs Visualising is a […]

The print-friendly alternative to

The print friendly alternative to We love our physical scratch map card and is the perfect digital companion. The makers of the site have made a great site by which you can track all the countries that you’ve visited. They even show how much percent of the world you have explored! What makes […]

Europe Travel Map: an awesome road trip

Europe Travel Map: an awesome road trip Europe is amazing for a long road adventure! The countries are very diverse, the distances are relatively small, the cities are amazing and the nature is mindblowing. In this blog, we’ll describe our most favourite road trip in Europe. You can find the Europe Travel map underneath. Amsterdam […]